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General Manager's Statement 


Welcome to Global Surveys Website; within these pages you will learn more about our history, services, and business sectors, as well as access to the latest news of Global Surveys Inc. and its achievements. 

Also you will find out more about the vision and values of our company since it was established in 2012, which grew out of our firm & absolute commitment to maintain the highest level of quality performance, unique services to our customers and protect the interests of our partners.

This commitment that our company had set, established for a solid ground to move forward in the evolution and excellence of our services, which made Global Surveys a leading company in the region.

We are always proud of all our achievements and successes, and as we look to continue the march of success and excellence, with an eye toward maintaining the trust of our customers, depending on our long expertise and diverse network of our offices and our professional staff, with a focus on achieving continuous improvement of our services and methods of submission. In this sense we have been committed to harness all our capabilities and our ability to support and develop our employees in all categories, as they are the company's capital and  source of strength and excellence, with our full commitment to secure better working conditions for them.

Once again, Welcome to the website of Global Surveys

 Kamal Kayal

General Manager